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The Boardroom Bundle



You know God as Father, Creator, Deliverer and Healer. But Dr. Buddy Crum wants to challenge you today to know Him as… God the Entrepreneur.

God placed His entrepreneurial spirit on the inside of you and it’s TIME to wake it up! Buddy Crum’s book, God the Entrepreneur is what you need right now to receive the wisdom to birth the dream that is within you!

There’s an entrepreneurial spirit within all of us! And we have the ability to tap into the rich inheritance God has promised from his boardroom!

It’s time to align yourself with God’s vision for your life, your business, your family, and then… soar to GREATNESS! In this strategy-packed, easy-to-read book, you’ll learn:

  • How to discover the entrepreneur in you
  • How to understand vision and how to turn visions into attainable dreams
  • Learn the secrets that are proven to lead to success in every area of your life!

You’ll also get the never-before-offered God the Entrepreneur workbook! This brand new, interactive workbook allows you to take what you’re learning to the next level by applying yourself, step-by-step, through Dr. Buddy’s life and business coaching. This workbook is the perfect companion to the best selling “God the Entrepreneur” book! This combination is what thousands are calling the purpose-filling and most practical guide for life and finances using Biblical principles out now!

But wait, there’s even more! Damon wants you to be completely equipped to start your journey to success in every part of your life! As his way of saying thanks for making the decision to take control of your future, he will provide the interview you saw today ABSOLUTELY FREE! You only saw 22 minutes of today’s interview ‑ now you can receive the ENTIRE interview, just as it was filmed, uncut, providing you with every bit of wisdom from Damon’s and Dr. Paul Crum’s conversation.

It’s time to stop struggling financially and take control of your life and live your dreams!


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