Switch On Your Brain Bundle - 1onONE with Damon Davis

Switch On Your Brain Bundle



  • Switch on Your Brain Book
    In this book, you will discover how to intentionally switch your brain ON to transform the words you speak and the actions you take. By doing this, your body reacts, your habits change and your hope for a better life becomes a reality. Dr. Caroline Leaf combines science with scripture to show you how to take control of your mind, change your behavior, say goodbye to LACKLUSTER and say hello to LIMITLESS.
    Also included in this book is Dr. Leaf’s 21-day Brain Detox guide. This 5-step process will help you identify the negative and toxic thoughts that are contaminating your mind and body. AND, with the power of scripture, you will learn how to manage your own weaknesses and tendencies. Best of all, your relationship with God will flourish and grow as you walk through these mind-shifting exercises.
    Learn how to TAP into the POWER OF YOUR MIND to positively impact your spirit, your soul, and your body!
  • 1onONE Journal
    Damon Davis will send you this special 1onONE journal, so you can chronicle the powerful changes occurring in your life, AS THEY HAPPEN DAILY, as you learn to SWITCH ON YOUR BRAIN during this 21-day brain detox.
    Imagine being able to change your destiny and adopt new and positive behaviors… simply by changing the way you think. Yes, the mind is a powerful thing and how you think affects every area of your life. Expect better health, expect greater relationships, expect a better outlook on life and expect a better YOU.
  • FULL LENGTH, behind the scenes interview with Dr. Caroline Leaf
    Damon will add this DVD ABSOLUTELY FREE… as his way of saying thank you for having the courage to make this life-changing decision! Go behind the scenes with Damon and Dr. Leaf to learn more about the vital principles and keys you need to Switch on Your Brain and transform your life… by the renewing your mind!


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