Sonya Hamm - Spirit Led Wealth Bundle - 1onONE with Damon Davis

Sonya Hamm – Spirit Led Wealth Bundle



  • Spirit Led Wealth book by Pastor Sonya Hamm
    If you are tired of wrestling with lack and insufficiency then this book is your guide to a new life of abundance and fulfillment! Spirit Led Wealth will help you transform your belief system concerning God and money and show you how to access the grace for your wealth inheritance. It is a divine revelation that outlines the wealth and success God has made available to every Believer. In this life changing book, Dr Sonya Hamm exposes theEmotional Roadblocks to Wealth, and provides spiritual principles for creating and maintaining supernatural wealth through faith in God.
  • Spirit Led Wealth Financial Prayer & Confession CD
    This powerful CD will inspire you to greater faith, mentally align you with the financial promises of God and unlock the supernatural flow of abundance in your life! Reprogram your heart and mind to say what God says about your finances so you can have what He has promised! The power of prayer and confession will move you from hopelessness and despair over your financial condition to courage, victory and abundance!
  • WORD POWER Scripture Card
    10 scriptures on a handheld card that you can use as a tool every time the enemy comes to lie to you about your circumstances. WORD POWER gives you the ability to speak life over your money, declaring what the truth is rather than what the enemy wants you to believe. Keep this in your purse, on the fridge, in your desk drawer, in the car ‑ and when the enemy comes to attack your mind, you will fight him with the word of God, which is the kind of POWER that makes stuff happen!
  • Full length, 1onOne DVD with uncut interview and behind-the-scenes footage of Damon Davis and Pastor Sonya Hamm.


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