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Sexy, Sassy, Sanctified Women Collection



Sexy, Sassy, Sanctified Women is your step-by-step guide to reclaiming your lost identity, finding your missing self-worth, uncovering your inner beauty beyond the superficial trappings. Acclaimed Pastor Yvonne Jones takes you on a journey of self-discovery. You’ll learn how to unveil the true spiritual definition of Sexy, find out how Sassy defeats the forces of evil and why Sanctified doesn’t mean joyless. Stop feeling lost in the maze of femininity, recapture your inner power. But that’s only the beginning… Pastor Jones wants to help you fully understand your gift, so she is offering this one-time special bundle including her captivating book, the companion workbook and the complete uncut version of today’s fascinating interview with Damon Davis.

But there’s more! Hear the voice of the author as Pastor Jones goes in-depth, sharing God’s definition of what it means to be a sexy, sassy, and sanctified woman. behind-the-scenes “In the Writer’s Corner” bonus DVD is also included. But Sexy, Sassy, Sanctified Women isn’t just for the women who want to recapture their inner spirit, it’s also for the husbands, partners, and others who love them. Damon is so certain that you’ll want to share this journey with the special people in your life, that he is partnering with Pastor Jones to offer you a second copy of her book to share. For you, for your daughter, for your sister… it makes the perfect gift for any woman. Don’t waste another moment being less than God intended.


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