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Robert Watkins Chosen Bundle



  • Best-selling author of Never Chase a Paycheck, Dr. Robert Watkins, is here to help you fill the empty void in your heart! With over TWENTY YEARS as an entrepreneur and internationally requested motivational speaker, he is the MASTER of discovering your destiny and achieving the success you’ve always wanted.In his new book Chosen, Dr. Watkins describes the 7 life changing principles to recovery and success! When you follow these 7 principles, you will find your calling and be able to take control of your life. These 7 principles will guide you to better relationships, prosperity, a closer connection with God, and more!This powerful book describes how YOU are UNIQUELY made and CHOSEN by God. The 7 principles can be applied to your marriage and family, your finances, your career, and even your health! This book will guide you to a SUCCESSFUL LIFE and help you lead others to find their own purpose! Success is your JOURNEY and your journey is your TESTIMONY.

    This collection also includes a spiral bound 1onONE notebook and a personalized pen. Use this journal to help keep track of your busy schedule and document your progress! Keep it with you at all times, so that you can be reminded of your goals… and all that you have accomplished!

    You will ALSO receive the full uncut version of today’s show on DVD! You will have all the information you need to get started on your journey to success and recovery!


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