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Pulling the Best Out of You Bundle



No matter where you are in your life, there’s more and better available to you! More money in your bank account… more joy in your relationships… more everything, when you learn how to become the BEST version of yourself! And it starts by making the decision now to step up into the greatness and fullness of the potential God has waiting for you!

On page after page of Pulling the Best Out of You, best-selling author and pastor Dr. Kim Ladson walks you step by step through the simple strategies you can follow right now, to catapult you to your greatest potential! Next, Dr. Kim has created a teaching just for you, How to Tap Into Your Potential on DVD, that will take you even farther, beyond the pages of her best-selling book, to ensure you and your family can live your best lives now! Her personal coaching will take you to the next level and help you achieve “more” in every area of your life. In her book and her DVD, you’ll learn:

  • How to achieve personal, professional and spiritual growth
  • How to reprogram your life for success
  • How to discover your purpose and destiny
  • How to set goals AND how to ensure results!

But wait, you will also receive another exclusive teaching, There Has to Be More to Life Than This as Dr. Anthony Ladson ‑ life coach, business coach, teacher and speaker ‑ shares the secrets to success in all areas of your life and he has decades of proving that his methods work. Your health… your wealth… your relationships… your everything can be surpassed way beyond your wildest dreams!

As his way of saying thanks for making the decision to live your best life now, Damon Davis wants to send you the entire, uncut interview he did with Dr. Anthony and Dr. Kim Ladson! You only saw twenty-two minutes in today’s broadcast, NOW watch the full interview on DVD, where they walk through the book and teachings and discuss how to uncover and UNLEASH your greatest potential!

But there’s even more! Damon wants to invite you to an exclusive in-person teaching-session with Dr. Kim and Dr. Anthony Ladson! Get wisdom firsthand from these powerful coaches as they help pull the best out of you! And Damon’s going to include tickets for you and a guest FREE as part of this bundle!


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