Psalm Saturday: Marcus Gill - 1onONE with Damon Davis

Psalm Saturday: Marcus Gill



  • Psalm Saturday book
    Marcus Gill reveals a roadmap found deep in the scripture that will help you discover how to leap forward from the comfort zone and struggle zones of pain, and tap into God’s plan, for prosperity power found within this groundbreaking book’s revelation of 53 Psalms Saturdays. Designed to expose you to a revelatory knowledge and guiding light of truth each and every week, this book will be your calm in the storm, help you overcome anxiety, break addiction, move beyond guilt or shame, and press towards the mark to be the TITAN God created you to be.
  • Waiting and Winning DVD
    Join Marcus for nearly an hour of insight and strategy that will give you the keys to unlock the doors leading to your anointing in business, and in relationships. Tap into a power found in FAITH, and discover how to praise God, lean on Jesus and rest in the Power of the Spirit ‑ even in your darkest hours! Marcus reveals how to look in the mirror and give yourself the kind of positive affirmations that will shift everything supernaturally in your direction.
  • 1onOne Uncut DVD with Damon Davis and Pastor Marcus Gill


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