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Patience Dean Bundle

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Dispensations in Time will teach you how to rise above a natural mindset and meet God on His timeline, allowing you to harness supernatural power and step into your season of blessing! We’ll also send you a powerful prayer and proclamation audio CD to declare the anointing of God over your life! With your love gift of $40, we’ll send you the full, uncut edition of today’s 1 On One episode.

4 reviews for Patience Dean Bundle

  1. Thembi Mosebi

    I bless God for you servant of the Lord! I’m answered

    • Your 1onOne Team

      Awesome, Thembi! Thanks for the comment and for your support.

  2. check domain free

    Thank You so much Patience Dean for the insights. I had never understood the notion of faith in that way. Makes alot of sence. Thank You 1onOne for the amazing messages of the Gospel!!

  3. Farayi Matibiri

    Awesome insight into the Spirit realm and the operation of faith. A must read. GOD bless one!

  4. Pastor Greg

    I came home from work and this program was on, and as I was getting ready to turn the channel the Lord said listen! Patience Dean began to minister this revelation of dispensation in time wow! I immediately went to Amazon and ordered her book, but when I looked at the offering more closely I decided to get the bundle because of the other teachings offered. Cannot wait to receive these (I’m like a kid waiting for the secret decoder ring).

    • Your 1onONE team member

      Wow, Pastor Greg! I’m so happy to hear that the program reached you and spoke to you the way it did. That’s the purpose of 1onONE – to connect people to the one thing that can take their life from ordinary to extraordinary. Can’t wait to hear about how much you’re enjoying the Patience Dean bundle and all of its resources. Thanks for watching – blessings to you!

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