Jesus at Work Bundle - Rhonda Kitjabian - 1onONE with Damon Davis

Jesus at Work Bundle – Rhonda Kitjabian




1. Book: Jesus At Work

2. Two part series DVD message

  1. Dispelling the Myth of Sharing Your Faith at Work
  2. Releasing the Power of Freedom and Breakthrough with the Salvation Message

3. DVD: 1onOne Uncut Interview with Damon and Rhonda

4. Bonus Offer: A FREE 2nd copy of the book, Jesus at Work


In Rhonda’s groundbreaking book, Jesus at Work: Simple Steps to Share Your Faith, your eyes will be opened to see the everyday world around you as the greatest mission field you could ever experience. As she not only walks you through sharing your faith, she will teach you how lean on… and hear the Holy Spirit… as you begin to walk in the supernatural love of God. Begin to walk in true discipleship with the Lord, led by the Holy Spirit, just the way God created you to be.

You will also receive two exclusive teachings from Rhonda ‑ Dispelling the Myth of Sharing Your Faith at Work and Releasing the Power of Freedom and Breakthrough with the Salvation Message. Through Rhonda’s personal one-on-one one teaching, you will grow your relationship with the Lord, AND learn how to recognize the tricks of the enemy, as he tries to intimidate you and hold you back from being the light! These teachings will arm you and give you the tools you need to defeat darkness!

You’re also going to receive the complete behind the scenes interview as Damon and Rhonda spend over an hour discussing the triumphs and struggles of walking by the Spirit and share the Gospel in their everyday lives.

Damon is partnering with Rhonda and her mission to reach ONE MILLION SOULS with the Gospel message, and to tear down and defeat the enemy’s plan to destroy lives. Damon will bless you with a second copy of Jesus at Work absolutely FREE! You too can make an impact by putting this book in the hands of someone who needs to be encouraged on sharing their faith.


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