In The Closet of Prayer Bundle - 1onONE with Damon Davis

In The Closet of Prayer Bundle




  • In the Closet of Prayer Book
  • Mother Gentry PrayerCD
  • Full, uncut interview DVD with Damon Davis and Mother Pauline Gentry

Today is YOUR day to discover the secret place of SUPERNATRUAL and put an end to whatever is plaguing your life. Get ready to experience the power of prayer manifest in your life like never before as Evangelist Pauline Gentry takes you behind the veil… to develop your personal prayer closet!

This bonafide prayer warrior has spent years perfecting THE model for earth-shattering, bondage-breaking prayer and now she wants to share this one-of-a-kind biblical model with you!

In her book, In the Closet of Prayer, you will find strategies, Godly wisdom, and prayers for ANY situation in your life. You will be equipped to BREAKTHROUGH and OVERCOME even the most challenging circumstances in your life. Discover the power of prayer, face your opposition, and prepare for a miracle.

Along with this book, we will also send you the complete, unedited DVD of Damon’s interview with Evangelist Gentry. You only saw a small portion of their discussion. In this full, unedited DVD you will discover how your prayers will allow God to step in… to SHIFT your circumstnaces, MOVE your mountaints, and END your battle in VICTORY!

Prayer is your weapon to TAKE DOWN what is hindering you and OPEN UP HEAVEN to release the answers you need.

And there’s more! You will also receive Evangelist Gentry’s POWERFUL prayer CD where she will personally lead you into praise, thanksgiving, deliverance, healing, and salvation. God is still in the miracle-working business. And as she prays for you, expect to see God manifest Himself mightily on your behalf.


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