Doing It God's Way Collection - Pastor Mark Baker - 1onONE with Damon Davis

Doing It God’s Way Collection – Pastor Mark Baker



  • Damon’s guest Pastor Mark Baker reveals three powerful, biblical principles that ALL believers should do to ensure financial security for their families! These steps will keep you on the RIGHT TRACK to have your finances restored; God wants you to be prosperous and to enjoy your life, but you must first do it God’s way!If you’re ready to finally make the decision to stop ‘barely getting by’ and learn to live in abundance the way God intended for you to live, then you need the God’s Way Collection. Inside, you’ll receive the entire interview from today’s show, uncut and complete ‑ during the program you learned some principles to get you started towards financial security… but the ENTIRE interview reveals the secrets to GET MOVING, you won’t find anywhere else!Next, you’ll ALSO receive Pastor Baker’s training system Doing It God’s Way. In this special coaching, Pastor Mark Baker takes you step-by-step on how to manage and grow your money while keeping God first!AND, as his way of saying. ‘thank you’ for choosing to fix your financial situation, Damon Davis ALSO wants to help you DECLARE THE WORD into your financial situation. So, If you’re ready for YOUR miracle, Damon will send you his complete 1onOne Word Activation System. This system consists of three full-length messages, where Damon walks you through how bolster your faith through ‘hearing’…. how to speak the Word over your life… AND how to align with God for your supernatural victory!


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