Finance and Marriage Bundle - Lee and Martika Jenkins - 1onONE with Damon Davis

Finance and Marriage Bundle – Lee and Martika Jenkins


Product Description:

  • MONEY: Real Solutions to Financial Challenges book
    This book is a ROADMAP to building wealth! It contains Lee’s unique TEN COMMANDMENTS to financial success and provides answers to questions like:
    ~ How do we get out of debt?
    ~ How do we build our credit?
    ~ How do we build a plan for budgeting and spending?
    ~ How do I save and invest for my future?
  • Lee Jenkins Teaching from his book, MONEY DVD
    Lee Jenkins speaks to real issues facing singles and couples on the subject of financial challenges, financial security and how you can overcome the money issues that cause tension in your relationships. On this DVD you will hear the answers to these questions:
    ~ What does the Bible say about marriage and money?
    ~ What if a woman makes more money than her husband?
    ~ How can I learn to communicate better on budgeting and spending?
  • 10 Secrets to Creating Wealth CD
  • This is an insiders look into harvesting true financial freedom. Just one strategy, one tip from Lee can pay for this bundle of resources 100x over!

  • Full, uncut, 1onONE interview with Damon Davis and Lee & Martika Jenkins



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