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Ellis Hodge Bundle



Introducing Dr. Hodge’s teaching called Abiding In Christ! In these in-depth teachings, Dr. Hodge will reveal to you how the pruning process takes place so that you can grow just as God commands! Dr. Hodge takes you deep into the history and word study on these life giving verses to enlighten you all about what it means to ABIDE in Christ, to DWELL in His presence, to hear the Holy Spirit and more! You will discover, step-by-step, how to bear fruit from the TRUE VINE, Jesus Christ.

But that’s not all!

Damon wants you to be completely equipped to start your journey to success in every part of your life! As his way of saying thanks for making the decision to take control of your future, he will provide the interview you saw today ABSOLUTELY FREE when you get Dr. Hodge’s system! You only saw 22 minutes of today’s interview ‑ now you can receive the ENTIRE interview, just as it was filmed, uncut, providing you with every bit of wisdom from Damon’s and Dr. Ellis Hodge’s conversation.

But wait… there’s STILL MORE! Damon will include Dr. Hodge’s Personal Prayer of Blessings and Breakthrough audio CD. This CD will open up the heavens over your life and reign down God’s power in a real way!

Plus, Damon will also waive the shipping costs! That’s right…you get ALL OF THIS, the training system, the uncut interview and the prayer CD WITH FREE SHIPPING!


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