About Damon — 1onONE with Damon Davis
24-damon-dDamon Davis, founder and CEO of Legacy Worldwide, is recognized as a global leader in production and media services among non-profit groups, humanitarian organizations, and ministries around the world. Damon has dedicated himself to building on a family heritage of helping ministries and organizations. More than 35 years ago, his father, the late Ray Davis, embarked on a mission dedicated to serving churches and philanthropic efforts through the power of media. As a media visionary and pioneer, his passion, dedication, and commitment culminated in the foundation of the largest faith-based and humanitarian media company in America, serving more than 191 television and radio ministries across the globe. Some of today’s largest international ministries like Dr. Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, First 400 Group, Frezzor, Feed the Children, and many more attribute their success in media to these efforts.
After years of tutelage by his father’s side, Damon struck his own path, becoming a nationally recognized leader in the advertising and marketing industry. With his take-charge style and drive to succeed, he developed and deployed multiple winning campaigns before becoming one of the foremost authorities in direct response programing for health, beauty, self-help, and personal development.
Damon Davis continues his family’s long heritage of service and ministry. Damon brings a vast array of experience and success to the mission and vision of 1onONE. Renowned for his branding and business acumen, he has become a trusted ally and partner for some of the largest ministries and non-profit and secular organizations in America. As an entrepreneur, Damon has assembled an industry-leading team of experts including a talented top-level executive team with over a century of proven performance in broadcast television, advertising, marketing, production, and public relations. Now, Damon is making a difference for ministries and humanitarian secular campaigns around the world by leveraging his decades of experience for greater impact and guiding clients and partners to new heights. Through 1onONE, Damon continues to pursue opportunities to promote health and personal development that will lead to better and brighter futures to everyone.