About 1onONE with Damon Davis

1onONE with Damon Davis is a sit down, magazine-style interview and talk-show program designed to spotlight individuals who want to share with viewers the one thing that moved their life and shaped their ultimate destiny. Guests featured are invited by program host, Damon Davis, and are interviewed in an up-close, transparent, and thought-provoking format that inspires hope, faith, confidence, and breakthrough strategies that will change the mindset of the viewer and allow them to be empowered with positivity and strength to take control of their own destiny and discover their purpose. It’s time to go from ordinary to extraordinary!

I started watching your show about a month ago and really enjoy each episode.  The episode on spiritual warfare brought clarity to some of the experiences I’ve been through. Thanks so much for your hard work. God bless you and your ministry.


I love 1 On One with Damon Davis. I’ve been truly blessed, encouraged, empowered, and edified, and I’m so thankful. To God be the glory! Our God of infinite grace loves us so much. It is His will for us to walk in total life prosperity! As a matter of fact, He takes pleasure in our prosperity. I have a confident expectation of good for my life. I’m glad I’m on the winning side – #Team Jesus!!!


Since watching the program on Faith Connect Network, I try my best not to miss out on the next episodes. I am encouraged to go deeper in God. Damon Davis, you are a Blessing indeed to the Kingdom of Christ.