God Cures Bundle - 1onONE with Damon Davis

God Cures Bundle


  • God Cures Book
  • 1onONE Journal and Pen
  • DVD of Complete Behind the Scenes Interview


Introducing ‑ God Cures: 21 Days to Look Good, Live Great and Love Well… the GROUND-BREAKING NEW BOOK by industry leader and television host, Damon Davis!

In God Cures, Damon shares HIS very intimate story… from building the largest media agency for faith, to the years he spent battling a debilitating disease that the medical establishment called incurable. Led by the Holy Spirit and with insight from many of the pastors and leaders you know well, Damon began a personal journey to find TRUE HEALING. In God Cures, Damon shares with you the 21-day blueprint for TOTAL HEALING AND RESTORATION that God revealed to him. What was meant to destroy his life was RESTORED and HEALED through the revelation that God gave him.

Now, Damon is bringing to you his 21-day journey, his story, and the biblical secrets to the REAL AND LASTING HEALING! Imagine, what pharmaceutical companies, doctors, expensive treatments haven’t delivered… all yours in 21 days!

Get your copy of the God Cures book and bundle today, and start the 21-day journey to TRUE HEALING! May your HEALTH and LIFE be restored!


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