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Developing Your Relational IQ Collection



You’ve heard of IQ? You know… intelligence quotient… the measure of how smart you are! A High IQ is the predictor of life success right? WRONG!

There is a DIFFERENT IQ that determines your happiness and joy in life. Unlike your intelligence quotient, this IQ score CAN BE DEVELOPED from nothing into something your friends and those who care about you will admire. That’s right, understanding and IMPROVING your Relational Intelligence IS THE KEY to transforming your life and finding the success and happiness God has destined for you.

On today’s revealing 1onONE episode, you heard from world-renowned relationship guru Pastor David S. Jacques as he described how your relational IQ is important for your total well-being. In Pastor David’s brand new book, Recalibrating Your Relational IQ, he breaks down years of study on:

  • What relationship IQ is
  • How to determine yours
  • And, most importantly, how to develop your relational IQ to its maximum potential

If you want to land that new job, find your soul mate, bond with your kids, or just build quality friendships, mastering relationships is critical and this book tells you exactly how to do it!

But wait, there’s more!The anointing was so strong on Pastor David in the 1onONE studios, Damon had him stay and record an exclusive video training session to take you deeper and explain how to put the right value on life giving relationships and how to stay away from ones that kill you slowly each and every day! Damon is including this DVD teaching along with the book! THIS VIDEO CANNOT BE FOUND IN STORES OR ONLINE! It is exclusive to the 1onONE family!

Want even more? Damon will also include the complete and unedited interview with Pastor David. Imagine, over an hour of advice from someone who has helped hundreds improve their relational IQ! It’s like FREE relationship therapy!


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